SiSaf is developing and licensing a pipeline of innovative products using ProSilic® technology.

We also provide formulation services and license ProSilic® to clients in the life science industry.

Do you have a compound that has stability, solubility, or biocompatibility issues?

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Or do you want to optimise the localisation, absorption, or release of your compounds?

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What we can offer you

  • Improved drug stability & solubility
  • Enhanced biocompatibility
  • Reduced drug toxicity
  • Controlled drug release
  • New delivery routes
  • Additional patent protection & market advantage

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From site specific transfection of tiny siRNA for gene therapy to oral delivery of large unstable peptides and proteins – our multidisciplinary team of world-class scientists can transform complex formulation challenges into better medicines with an enriched therapeutic profile.

Whether cosmeceuticals or nutraceuticals – ProSilic can give your product line the unique competitive edge.

Results of acne treatment with ProSilic® formulation over 30 days.

  • Baseline – 24,195 PX
  • Day 1 – 27,900 PX15.31% increase in Acne
  • Day 3 – 12,570 PX48.05% Acne Reduction
  • Day 7 – 8,824 PX63.53% Acne Reduction
  • Day 30 – 1,026 PX95.76% Acne Reduction