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ProSilic® is a patented drug delivery technology
that uses elemental silicon particles
with a honeycomb pore structure
and massive surface area,
which offer tunable and controlled
drug loading, targeting, and release.

Bioadaptive. Biocompatible. Bioavailable.

ProSilic® combines exceptional versatility and efficacy with unrivalled safety.
In contrast to many other drug delivery carriers, ProSilic® particles are truly
biocompatible and biodegradable – they dissolve to orthosilic acid,
the bioavailable form of Silicon. Orthosilic acid has been shown to be
beneficial for the health of bones, connective tissue, hair, and skin.

Unmatched Versatility

Bioadaptive Silicon
Prosilic® offers virtually endless possibilities for the customization
of particle and pore sizes, surface area, surface charge,
and surface linkages. It can be tailored to the requirements
of almost any load, route of administration, target, and release profile.

Increased Stability, Solubility, and Permeability
Prosilic® is able to stabilize unstable molecules and it provides very significant increases in the bioavailability of even the most hydrophobic compounds. Prosilic® can also improve the intestinal permeability and absorption of orally administered actives.

Controlled Drug Release
By altering the physical properties of ProSilic’s matrix, the release of actives can be controlled over days, weeks, or months. Zero order release kinetics (constant rate of drug release independent of drug concentration) can be achieved.

Drug Localisation and Targeting
Since particle and pore sizes, surface area, and surface functionalisation are highly modifiable, Prosilic® is ideally suited to formulate drugs for specific administration routes and targets.

Unrivalled Safety

Truly Biodegradable
ProSilic® dissolves to a bioavailable and beneficial compound,
orthosilic acid (OSA), the natural form of silicon absorbed from food.
Although the initial hydrolysis product of elemental silicon is OSA,
it very rapidly polymerizes in vivo, with polymerized siloxanes,
such as silica, the major by-product. Therefore, other silicon-based
delivery systems that rely on the dissolution of silicon alone
are not truly biodegradable and can cause safety concerns.

Naturally Biocompatible
The clinical usability of many drug delivery carriers is limited because
the immune system recognises and attacks them as foreign invaders.
Since Silicon is a naturally occurring element of the human body,
ProSilic® particles elicit no response from the immune system.

Unique Technology

Stability and Scalability
The real-world value of many drug delivery technologies is limited by their poor storage stability and scalability. In contrast, Prosilic® has a long shelf life and can be scaled up easily, thus making it a perfect candidate for high volume applications.

Competitive Advantage
ProSilic® is fully patented but also requires
specific trade-secret know-how to produce.
And because it cannot be reverse engineered,
it can offer clients a unique competitive advantage.

High Loading Capacity
Because of their porous structure and large surface area, ProSilic® particles offer an exceptionally high drug loading capacity compared with other carriers.

Polypharma Formulation
Our technology is capable of incorporating more than one active in the same formulation.