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SiSaf is a Specialty Pharmaceutical company with a unique patented drug delivery technology that can solve even the most complex bioavailability challenges.

About us

SiSaf believes that medicines should be developed on the basis of how they help people rather than how they solve a formulation problem. SiSaf is a world leading expert in nanoparticle silicon technology and has developed a next generation drug delivery platform called SiSafe.®

Our mission is to enhance new and existing medicines in ways not possible before so that more people can benefit more easily from the science and research of the world’s leading scientists.

The platform has a wide variety of formulation applications but is particularly suited to solving the most complex bioavailability challenges:

  • Large unstable molecules with very low solubility
  • Poly-pharmacy – can formulate two or more widely disparate molecules in the same entity
  • Penetration – highly specific sites with poor permeability: BBB Metabolism and poor half-life
  • High Yield Achievement - Drug Loading (requiring low ratio of carrier)
Silicone Structure

Mankind should never be deferential to dosage

The SiSafe® Technology Platform

SiSafe® is patented elemental nano-silicon with a porous structure and massive surface area.

Molecules are incorporated within the nanopores which stabilizes unstable molecules and provides very significant increases in the bioavailability of even the most hydrophobic compounds.

SiSafe® is biodegradable and the kinetics of drug release depend on the rate of biodegradation of the matrix. The rate of onset and release can be customized by altering physical factors of the carrier including particle size, porosity, linkage method and pore width.

SiSafe® has very high drug-loading capacity (requiring low ratio of carrier) compared with other drug carriers.

Biocompatible SiSafe® fully dissolves to orthosilicic acid, the natural form of silicon absorbed from food. Orthosilicic acid has a positive safety and toxicological profile – it's literally edible.


These particles, each 100 times smaller than a human hair, contain microscopic reservoirs that can hold and protect sensitive drugs.

SiSafe® is fully patented but also requires specific trade-secret know-how to produce. And because it cannot be reverse engineered “patent” protection is highly sustainable

Our Product & Service Offering

SiSaf helps pharmaceutical, biotech, animal heath and cosmetics companies formulate people-friendly products that deliver significant competitive advantage such as improved efficacy, safety, controlled release and onset. SiSafe not only conveys distinct market benefits but also adds additional sustainable patent protection.

SiSaf has a world class multi-disciplinary team of drug delivery experts, immunology and formulation scientists. They provide a range of services to transform complex formulation challenges into better medicines with an enriched therapeutic profile.

From site specific transfection of tiny siRNA for gene therapy to oral delivery of large unstable peptides and proteins – the team helps in every stage of the process.

SiSaf can tailor a bespoke package of formulation products and consultancy services. Please contact us for more information.

Create Market Advantage

Transform a modest injectable to a blockbuster oral or transdermal format.

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